2018 Vegan Challenge Award.JPG

At Dos Perros we’ve always provided authentic and flavorful Mexican cuisine, which makes us a great friend of vegan dishes.

Traditional Mexican fare is significantly more plant-based than most Americans have come to recognize because of our “Tex-Mex” style cooking. Ever since opening in 2009, we’ve been committed to offering at least one vegan entree every day. We are happy to be a part of the Durham restaurant scene that has always been vegan, by simple merit of our commitment to authentic Mexican dishes.

We were proud to participate in the Bull City Vegan Challenge for the third year -- and even prouder to have won! In 2018 we received two awards: one for BEST APPETIZER and one for BEST CHALLENGE ENTHUSIASM. It's true, we are very enthusiastic about our vegetarian and vegan options, which are numerous on our menu every day, not just during the Challenge. So stop by and check them out for yourself!