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At Dos Perros we’ve always provided authentic and flavorful Mexican cuisine, which makes us a great friend of vegan dishes.

Traditional Mexican fare is significantly more plant-based than most Americans have come to recognize because of our “Tex-Mex” style cooking. Ever since opening in 2009, we’ve been committed to offering at least one vegan entree every day. We are happy to be a part of the Durham restaurant scene that has always been vegan, by simple merit of our commitment to authentic Mexican dishes.

Several of our appetizers at Dos Perros have ended up being vegan simply because that’s how many Mexican dishes are prepared! So you’ll have plenty to choose from for light or heavier fare. And speaking of appetizers, in 2016 we were recognized for the #1 Vegan Appetizer by the Bull City Vegan Chef Challenge! We enjoy participating in this annual event each year, and are always working to add new items to our vegan offerings.

As we have become known for our Beer Dinners, please stay tuned for special Vegan Nights where we will offer a full vegan menu as more of an “event” than an ongoing weekly special. We’ve had spectacular success with these types of evenings before, as our Vegan Beer dinners have traditionally been the biggest and best beer events we’ve ever hosted.

We dearly appreciate all our customers and we look forward to seeing you soon!