Traditional Dinner

Here’s a sample of a recent dinner we prepared for a group here in the Triangle.

Passed Appetizers

  • Empanadas – roasted beet and goat cheese with tomatillo salsa
  • Plaintain fritters – stuffed with queso asadero and mild peppers

Appetizers (family-style)

  • Ensalata cruda – jicama, cucmber, radish and seasonal fruitand mixed greens, tossed in arbol chili-lime marinade
  • Gorditas – potato masa sopes with braised lamb, queso fresca and Oaxacan crema
  • Guacamole – fresh avocado, lime, red onions, jalapeno

Entrée (choice of)

  • Pollo al Mole – roasted airline chicken breast with mole poblano
  • Carne Asada- guajillo marinated hanger steak with chimichurri
  • Chile Relleno – vegetable & cheese stuffed poblano, black bean purée, crema
  • Carnitas – slow roasted Cane Creek pork, tomatillos & chipotle 
  • Salmon – achiote marinated & pan seared with cucumber and jicama slaw


  • Roasted seasoned potatoes
  • Grilled summer squash and corn
  • Traditional black beans (vegan)
  • Mexican rice

Dessert (choice of)

  • Traditional churros – with cinnamon sugar and rich chocolate sauce
  • Tres leches cake – topped with fresh pineapple 
  • Classic vanilla Flan and blueberry compote
  • Mexican chocolate pot de creme with strawberries and whipped cream

Heavy Hors-d'ourvres

(cocktail party style)

Keep in mind – these are just suggestions and examples of what we might have offered in the past.  Your options are limited only by the season and our imaginations!

Heavy Appetizers

  • Guacamole – fresh avocado, cilantro, jalapeño & lime
  • Empanadas – roasted beet and goat cheese tomatillo salsa 
  •  Shrimp ceviche – with pineapple, red pepper,onion lime salsa    
  • Gorditas – potato sopes, braised lamb, queso fresco & crema
  • Esquites tartlettes – roasted corn, spicy aoli, scallions & queso fresco
  • Cucumber canape with crab bacon salad
  • Tostones  cochinita pibil pork with pickles onions
  • Vegan “ceviche” roasted oysters mushrooms tossed in lime juice
  • Carne asada  mini tacos on corn tortillas with pico de gallo and fresco 
  • Plantain fritters stuffed with mild chiles and cheese with crema Oaxaca
  • Summer fruit skewers – cucumber and watermelon with fresh lime and cayenne pepper


The Whole Nine Yards

Snacks on the bar:

  • Roasted nuts with chile and lime
  • Fresh chips with salsa arbol and guacamole

Appetizer Buffet:

  • Mini sopes (masa patties) with braised local goat and tomatillo, avocado sauce
  • Grouper ceviche, jicama, and olive skewers
  • Empanadas stuffed with mushrooms, chile, and cheese
  • Cheese and jalapeño stuffed plantain fritters

Family style at the tables

First Course (choice of):

  • Small Oaxacan tamales filled with mole negro and chicken
  • Classic Caesar salad
  • Salad of cactus, avocado, and tomatoes

Main Course (choice of):

  • Grilled steak with chipotle sauce
  • Grouper roasted in banana leaves with Yucatan spices
  • Chicken mole poblano (chunks off bone but not shredded)
  • Beans, rice, and Mexican-style braised squash (as side dishes)


  • Churros with Mexican chocolate
  • Mexican wedding cookies and assorted confections
  • Traditional flan (a few large ones plus some individual ones)
  • Fresh fruit