Meet Corzo Silver: Our first tequila of the week

We take a lot of pride in our selection of tequilas and I’d like to take this moment to explain the thought process that goes into how we choose them. I’d also like to introduce you to Corzo Silver, our tequila of the week, and explain why we gave it this distinction.

Corzo Silver, which uses only the heart of the agave, is our Tequila of the Week.

Corzo Silver, which uses only the heart of the agave, is our Tequila of the Week.

First off, I want to take you back to a chocolate seminar given by Janet Elbetri, the now proprietor of Sandwhich in Chapel Hill.  It was over 10 years ago and she (and, well, I) had just recently moved to the area.  She was giving a talk on fine chocolates at what once was 3 Cups in that little courtyard off Franklin St.

Her talk was informative as well as delicious, but the one concept I remember above all things is this:  It is a lazy merchant that simply gathers up every version of, in this case, chocolate and offers them all.  What good is that?  You’ve done nothing but tell your vendors, “I’ll take one of everything,” and then leave it up to your customers to wade their way through the endless choices.

No, you should do your best to offer the ones YOU LIKE.   To edit the selection to the extent that you can confidently say, “I stand behind all of these.”  Since then, I’ve taken that approach to my wine lists, and in the case of Dos Perros, our tequila list.

And it makes sense.  When I go into a steakhouse and ask for a whiskey, if I’m handed a list of each and every version of brown liquor available, I go cross-eyed and just look for the first thing I recognize and order it.  The chance to get turned on to something new is trumped by a panicked attempt to stop the madness.

If, on the other hand, I’m shown a manageable list with a few familiar names as well as a handful I don’t know, I feel a bit more adventurous, not to mention that there’s a decent chance the bartender will know about it.

We like to think our tequila list embodies this.  A broad, but carefully curated selection of some tequila and mescal that we really like.

None more so that Corzo Silver, one of my favorite tequilas.

What makes Corzo tequila unique (and exceptional) is their triple distilled, double aged process that uses only the very heart of the agave. Even the name "Corzo," which is taken from an historic town in Chiapas, hints at the Spanish word for heart, "corazon."  Have you ever noticed that when you slice up a pineapple, the very top and very bottom just aren’t quite as sweet as the middle?  Well the same is apparently true with agave, so Corzo just uses the best part.  Surely they sell off the rest to someone who might make a decent enough tequila out of it, but not as lovely as Corzo.

As a sliver, it doesn’t see any oak, so on some level it lacks the opulence of a reposado or anejo; but what it lacks in that it more than makes up for with vibrancy and true purity of fruit, exploding with pineapple, honey, and ripe pepper fruits.

Corzo has been a mainstay at Dos Perros since day one and is the backbone to one of our most popular premium cocktails, the Skinny Dip, named because it’s a cocktail for the purists -- just muddled limes and a dash of orange liqueur.  A lesser tequila would be exposed for its flaws; a pristine example like Corzo will shine.

Of course, you could also just order a shot, and will be able to do so at a very attractive price this week.  Chase it with our homemade sangrita (which deserves a story unto itself), and you won’t be disappointed.