North Carolina Beers & Vegan Dinner: Part One of our Summer 2018 Series

Some of the delicious NC beers that will accompany June's vegan dinner

Some of the delicious NC beers that will accompany June's vegan dinner

We're looking forward to continuing our tradition of celebrating our strong vegan community here in Durham and beyond, by hosting part one of what we hope to be a three-part series of beer-and-vegan dinners this summer!

Charlie is personally hosting this dinner and will tell us about the North Carolina-based beers we're serving as part of a full menu of fun dishes.  One, in particular, is an adaptation of one of his favorite Yucatan dishes; papadzules.  Traditionally egg-filled enchiladas with two sauces, oregano-laced tomato salsa and a rich pumpkin seed puree. Only, of course, with this one, we’ll be using roasted cauliflower and tofu rather than eggs. And it should pair wonderfully with Mother Earth’s delicious Kolsch.

Of course, we won’t know until after the dinner is over what everyone’s favorite will be! Read the entire menu below.

Our first dinner scheduled on Tuesday, June 19, is already sold out! So we've added a second night, on Monday, June 18. Click the button below to reserve your space for that evening.

The Menu

Tostada of nopales, radishes, and avocado-tomatillo salsa
- Fullsteam Paycheck Pilsner

Cauliflower and tofu-stuffed enchiladas with pumpkin seed puree and roasted tomato salsa
-Mother Earth Endless River Kolsch

Grilled summer vegetables and masa dumplings with coconut-almond-guajillo sauce
-BCBB Golden Ale with Hibiscus

Potato-stuffed poblano chile with onion-epazote puree
-White Street Hoptimist IPA

Cola-braised soy “barbacoa” tacos with habanero pickled onions
-Lonerider Sweet Josie Brown Ale

$35 per person does not include tax and gratuity


Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 7 p.m.

We’ve had Halloween beer dinners before, but this year, our seventh in business, we thought we’d switch it up and do something different. So we’re hosting a special beer dinner as the centerpiece of a two-day Dia de los Muertos (that’s Day of the Dead) celebration.  The celebration will kick off with a kids’ event the evening before, but unless you’re under 12 or so, the place you’re really going to want to be is at the dinner on Nov. 2. No costumes for this one, but we do encourage you to paint your face or wear a mask.

We took a different approach to writing this menu because we wanted to focus on foods traditionally served on Dia de los Muertos in Mexico.  As it turns out, the lineup from Day of the Dead Brewery out of Tecate, Mexico, matched up perfectly with our list of traditional dishes.  Mind you, we did take a bit of liberty with the final menu, but you know we often like to put our own personal touch on the authentic foods we serve. I think you’ll find it to be sumptuous and fun.

Day of the Dead is Mexico’s first craft brewery, or at least the first one to be distributed in the States, and the quality is certainly there.  Plus, if you need inspiration for what kind of face paint to choose, check out their labels! What a perfect choice for our first Day of the Dead Beer Dinner.

We will also offer all the dishes for the dinner as well as the beers themselves a la carte in the main dining room that evening, but if you’re interested in the full event, the beer dinner is a much better value.

The Menu

Reception: Death Becomes You Amber Ale 

Avocado tostada with radish and grapefruit
Death Rides a Pale Horse Blonde Ale

Chorizo and Mexican squash tamales with tomatillo salsa
Queen of the Night Pale Ale

Roasted chicken Mole Negro
Pay the Ferryman Porter

Candied pumpkin with Atole ice cream
Traditional Mexican Coffee & Degollado Reposado Tequila

Oskar Blues Beer Dinner

Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016
7 p.m.

Join us for a very fun and delicious beer dinner with our old friends from Oskar Blues.  I actually recall having them in our very first tap line-up when we opened seven years ago, and I’ve remained a fan of their beers ever since.

In fact, these days, I appreciate their authenticity and true-to-style commitment more than ever.  While some brewers get caught up trying to wow us by out-crazying one another, these guys are saying, “Do you like Pilsner?  Well, here’s a really good one.”  And I can’t say how much I like that.

In fact, every one of the beers we’ll be tasting this evening is a perfect example of the the style it claims.  The true sign of a craftsman’s work.  

When we sat down to taste these, chef Michael was literally finishing my sentences, and again, the menu was written before we knew it.  I’ve got to say, credit lies where credit is due.  Writing these things has always been what I felt best at, and the kid keeps coming up with such amazing ideas, I’ve got to yield the floor.  Which is handy, because he’s the one who is ultimately executing the menu on dinner night.

As for the specifics, if you haven’t had a Sonoran hot dog, they’re a thing to behold.  Not surprisingly, Mexico took one of our classics and just did one better.  A hot dog, wrapped in bacon, served with guacamole, bean puree, pickled onions, spicy mayo?  Um, yes please.  And it’s going to go great with the Pilsner.

But, honestly, I could just as easily go off on the rest of the dishes, and beers, because they’re all going to be great!

The Menu

Sonoran hot dog - bacon, guacamole, pinto bean purée, and cilantro
-Mama's Little Yella Pils

Frito Misto - fried oysters, okra, and nopales with heirloom tomato salsa and cucumber emulsion
-Beerito Mexican-style lager

Braised pork belly with root vegetable chips and lavender Pasilla sauce

Braised duck with plum chipotle mole on fried bread
-Old Chub Scotch Ale

Fig cake with almond ice cream
-Ten Fidy Imperial Stout

$42.50 per person does not include tax and gratuity

Charlie (left) and Chef Michael (foreground) writing the menu

Charlie (left) and Chef Michael (foreground) writing the menu